Sunday, 7 July 2013

Finally...rain barrel!

After sitting in our garage for two months, today we finally got our rain barrel in place! I had always wanted a rain barrel...but not having a house kinda makes that difficult. When we moved in last summer it was a bit too late to find one and we had so many other projects before us that the rain barrel (and garden) were left behind. This year I was determined to get my rain barrel. I got my hands on one a few days after we got back from Ireland but we were not ready to get it in place. There was some painting of the front veranda that needed to be done first, then we had to prepare the spot that the barrel would sit in - we couldn't just dump it in the flower bed, we needed some gravel and patio stones as a base.

Yesterday the flower bed area was prepared by the mister and today we got to work getting the downspout and barrel in place. Plenty of cursing, swearing and a tiny bit of name calling (yes, that happens when you are working on a hot and humid day) later and its done. Now all we need is some rain!

We chose to get the rain barrel in today (despite the heat and humidity) because we are supposed to have a thunderstorm and I want to finally start collecting some rain water. We have already had two massive rain showers recently and I don't want to miss one more! Another reason for getting that barrel in place is because the existing downspout situation on that corner of the house was pretty bad. The landscaping (stone walls of the flower bed) were not planned out with drainage or downspouts in mind so the spouts that were there were not at the best angles causing water to drip and collect in the flower bed and subsequently drain into the house. Fingers crossed this barrel solves (or at least alleviates) the problem.

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