Monday, 8 July 2013

Photos from my weekend

This past weekend was a hot, humid and busy one! I worked all through the day Saturday, then came home and did a bit of gardening in the evening - and I have the mosquito bites to prove it! Sunday was not as hot and humid but it was still pretty bad to me (have I mentioned how I hate the heat?). I spent most of Sunday in the garden but managed to get cleaned up in time for dinner at The Works in Waterloo. I had one yummy/spicy/greasy and fattening as all hell burger - it was good. My dinner date went for the butter chicken poutine, which I had to taste (obviously) and it was yummy! Anyway, I managed to snap a few photos around the garden this weekend - I did not manage to snap photos of my burger because A. I'm not really one for taking photos of food in crowded restaurants and B. I made a serious mess of that burger pretty damn quickly!

1 and 2 are some new additions to the front garden (2 was a real cheap/sad looking purchase that I'm hoping takes off!). 3 the hosta in the front is looking great and should have flowers in the next day or two. 4 the daisies have finally bloomed. 5 this is what it looks like deep in the "no lawn-mowing zone" where our teeny tiny bunny friend lives. 6 these tiny flowers are popping up in the wild part of the backyard (near bunny territory). 7 thankfully the ivy that someone tore off the back of the garage last fall is growing back lighting fast. 8 extreme close-up of extreme golden flower (still don't know what it is but I'm in love!).

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