Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Update: I'm a busy bee!

I'm just dropping in for a quick minute with an update: I haven't been around to post lately because I have been busy...ridiculously busy! The day after I returned from Ireland I had a second interview for a job I applied for back in February...long story short, I got the job but NOT the position I had originally applied for...I was offered a management position instead! I started immediately and have been going through an intense training process ever since. I have been going non-stop at my new place of employment and between running around all day long at work (literally running around, it is a 40k+ square foot store!) and coming home to the usual housework, I have been mega pooped!

Things are going to stay busy for the time being. I am fitting gardening and wedding planning into the few breaks I have, but my brain is on overload so much so that I must take a step away from this blog for a while. I will post updates on the usual (garden, food, thrift shop finds etc.) when I have the chance, but for now I am going to stop and breath!

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