Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oh that garden!

The weather is finally starting to co-operate and I can now get outside and get cracking on the garden. Every chance I get, I have been outside cleaning up the flower beds - basically pulling out weeds and other garbage so that I can (finally!) get a glimpse of what is living underneath all that yuck. I have discovered that there are a number of great plants in the front and backyard that had been buried under weeds and other yard waste.
A lone tulip!

Loads of hostas popping up all over the yard - one of my favorite plants!

So far I have been able to spot a number of lilies and hostas that are fighting to reclaim their space in the garden, along with several columbine plants. There are also a number of unidentified plants that are making an appearance - unfortunately not knowing what they are makes it hard for me to do the right thing when caring for them!

What are you, mystery flower?! I didn't even notice this in the garden last summer, the area was so overrun with weds!

Last summer I thought this odd little plant was a weed but I left it alone. It happened to be the first plant to pop-up and flower this spring...what is it?!

In the coming weeks I plan on cleaning up the front and back flowerbeds even more, while throwing down more soil and adding a few new plants here and there. Lucky for me, there are far more healthy plants in the yard than I initially thought, which means less for me to buy and plant! But since the snow has left us it has become clear that the front lawn will need a healthy dose of grass seed and fertilizer. Work here is never done!

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