Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Saying goodbye to an old friend

I am not one for goodbye's...I am more of a "see ya later" kind of person. But after a great deal of heart stomach ache I must bid farewell to a dear friend...bread. I didn't want it to be true, but it has become painfully apparent that bread and myself cannot be together. At one time bread and I were the best of friends, we had some amazing times with our pals butter, cheese, jam and sob...Nutella! But no more, we just cannot be together. Every time I eat bread I feel pain, a pain that is far too intense for our friendship to endure.

I suppose for a long time now, bread and I have been having difficulties. Not the kind of difficulties a gluten intolerant individual may have, but difficulties nonetheless. Each time bread and I got together we had fun...for a short while. Once the digestion period kicked in bread fought back. No amount of antacid (of any variety) would settle the score between us. Sadly, bread now joins another of my former best friends, banana. Myself and banana went our separate ways about two years ago when it became apparent that after eating the bastard fruit it would fight back with Terminator-like indigestion for an entire day...seriously, I would still feel the wrath of the banana at bed time!

Since goodbye's are difficult for me I won't drag this out any longer. Goodbye bread, my dear friend...maybe we will see each other again one day...

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