Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tiniest church everrrrrrr!

Okay, maybe not THE tiniest church ever, I haven't actually looked up the world's smallest church. But I have received confirmation that we have got the church we were after, its booked for our wedding! It is one tiny (and beautiful) church - the setting is ridiculous! So now I have the task of getting myself into this, the tiniest (almost) of churches! 

Like a bajillion brides before me, I am aiming to trim up and drop some mega pounds before my wedding. I could stand to lose weight regardless, but there is no better incentive to get one's butt moving than an impending wedding! To be honest, thinking about the state of your own health should get you moving in the right direction, it shouldn't take a wedding, but in my case I can set goals and timelines based around the upcoming wedding and the dreaded hunt for THE dress.

But wait a minute...someone has already thrown a wrench in the works! Some wonderfully evil people decided to open the world's best Indian Buffet a few blocks from my home - I cannot confirm if it is indeed the world's best Indian Buffet, but it is pretty damn good and by far the best place in town! This place is within walking distance of my home - that is pure danger!!! If it weren't as cold as it has been for the past few weeks, I would find myself wandering by everyday for lunch (and dinner)! The food is fantastic, the staff are warm and friendly, the price is right and the decor? Bah! The place is spotless (which is really what counts) and besides, I am not there to eat the decor! I am there to eat and eat and eat until that little switch goes off in my head (and stomach) that says "Stop! Seriously, stop! Put down that 10th samosa or you are going to be in a two day long food coma!". By the way, it is worth the food coma! But seriously, I need to limit myself. I have been doing well with eating better, so to satisfy my curry tooth I have whipped up my version of a batch of this. It is so quick and easy and makes a hell of a lot, so there is plenty to share or if you are like me, hide in a corner with the bowl and a spoon! Since I was out of lentils I used chick peas. In the past I have followed the recipe exactly and have also tried a 50/50 mix of lentils and chick peas. Whether you stick to the recipe or switch it up with whatever beans/lentils you have on hand, it is yummy, cheaper than going out for an Indian buffet, and I am sure it is healthier than downing a million friend onion bhajis! 

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