Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Crazy cat post!

I don't want to post too often about the cat, I don't want to give off too much of a crazy-cat-lady vibe. But I need to share something with you...I also need to know if there is something wrong with my cat...he's been acting so weird lately! Does anyone else have a cat with this issue?

Back in November I reclaimed a fleece house coat I had given to my mum - she actually gave it to me for Christmas a few years back but the apartment I was living in was so hot I had no need for it and since she spends 90% of her life* in fleece house coats I figured I would give it back to her! It was in November when I realized just how cold this old house was and I stole that house coat back. I would wear it sometimes but mostly used it as a blanket on myself in bed. Right around this time, Buster the cat, who comes to bed with me every night, started to come to bed and lets just say, he was acting odd. He normally kneads the duvet, purrs and settles down, but he started kneading, purring and he had some serious back twitching spasms happening. I feared the worst - something was wrong with his lower region (spine, bowels, kidneys - whatever?!) he must go to the vets!!! Until a friend asked me to describe what he was doing (oh yeah, I acted it out!). Seems he is just fine and his "twitching" was...oh god I can't say it...it was humping! The cat was humping the house coat! He has some serious love for this thing! Never mind the blankets I knitted for him or the fleece throws that are designated "cat throws". He wants-loves-needs my mauve (with sheep) fleece house coat!

Funny at first, it soon got a bit ridiculous. He could not pass the housecoat by without visiting it. I have washed it and washed it and I don't know what it is, but he is fixated on it! No other fleece house coat will do! I have had to take it away - he has become that obsessed! Well just this morning, before throwing it in the wash, I put it on top of the box containing my new ceiling fan (yet to be installed). And what do you know?! Buster climbs on top of the box and house coat, does his thing and goes to sleep. What do I do? How do I stop this?! Am I going to have to give this house coat back to my mum and get a new one?! I just wanted to be warm in this cold house!!!

*Well not 90% of her life, but I have not known someone to wear one so frequently and to own so many! Maybe it is her smell on the house coat Buster can't get enough of? I think I am going to swap out this house coat for another one of hers and see if he goes as crazy...if so we know Buster's true feelings for my mum!

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