Friday, 4 January 2013

What's going to happen in 2013? (part two)

For starters, I am NOT making New Years resolutions for 2013! I have learned from past attempts that I often fail and feel crappy and discouraged for not succeeding. So instead, for 2013 I am making a list of things I want/need to do, things I have to look forward to and some things I want to try (and things I want to avoid!). Will see what happens...

1) Plan that wedding!
I have my wedding to look forward to, but first I need to plan it! When I got engaged I did not (like so many people) set to work immediately planning my wedding. I relaxed (or tried to) while people all around me kept asking about my plans. I think because I had so many people asking me what I was going to do and how far along into the planning stages I was (not to mention the horror stories people had to share), that I decided to avoid it for a while. Then we bought a house and there was no way I had the time to think of anything else! The only thing I had "planned" for the wedding was the when and where. It is quickly approaching the when and so far no plans - I need to get moving! The goal is to have the major details arranged in the next few months - and since the location of the wedding is Ireland (and I am in Canada), I need to get moving! I must (in the next few weeks) contact some possible venues overseas and arrange to head over there to check some things out!

SALE Squirrel Cake Topper
I have no problem picking out items like this for the wedding, its just the major details like a venue that I need to get moving on!

2) Be healthier
As far back as I can remember, my New Years resolutions have been to lose weight. The hard part of that kind of resolution is that you make it when the house is still full of Christmas goodies (which you can't possibly throw away - that's a waste), so a week into the New Year you are still eating chocolates and nuts and January (in Canada) is way too damn cold to go outside for exercise and before you know it you have failed your resolution before you have really been able to start it. So another year of being fat it is! This year (since there is no pressure of a resolution - right!?) my goal is to just make simple changes and cut out some of the obvious unhealthy food items I eat and increase healthier options. I also aim to get outside and get walking more often and may even join a fitness class or two (for me that is MAJOR!). Besides doing this for my health, I also have to think about fitting into a wedding dress! I am not a dress person...the last time I wore a dress? I can't remember. A skirt? That's going back some time. So for me to feel comfortable getting into a dress (and standing in front of actual people while wearing it) I am going to have to cut back and shape up!

More of this
Sigh...less of this

3) Get back to work
By "get back to work" I mean two things. First, I want (need) to find a job. I left my job in Toronto when I moved to the house and my life since August 1st has been working on this home. There has been no time for a job - the amount that had to be done here would not get completed if I was at a job all day. Now that the major work is done at the house, the job hunt begins. Not something I enjoy, I have done this many times in the past, but I need to be making money again and interacting with actual humans, rather than talking to my cat while painting a ceiling in my pajamas...yes that happened. The second thing I mean when I say "get back to work" is getting back to artwork. It has been a long time since I have been able to do anything creative and I am going through serious withdrawal! I finally have a space of my own where I can focus on artwork, so I need to put it to good use. But as much as I want art to be number one, I must focus on a paying job first!


5) Keep in touch with family/friends more
Life gets busy and keeping in touch with people that are a little (or a lot) far away gets challenging and sometimes stops altogether. I am going to put in more effort to stay in contact with family and friends more often, by any means necessary - phone, fax, email, mail, text, Skype, smoke signal, carrier pigeon - I will do whatever it takes!

4) Stay positive and relax a little!
As someone who tends to be a little (actually a lot) negative and wound just a tad too tight, one of my goals this year is to stay positive and relax a bit! This may sound like an easy thing to do, but for me it will be a bit of a challenge, especially with all of the things I want/need to accomplish this year! Time to take a deep breath and get 2013 going!

Relax a a wiener dog in a sunny patch!

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