Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday Treasures!

Okay, so I purchased these treasures on Sunday, but it's Tuesday and here they are!

Two Pyrex (spring blossom) bowls. The larger of the two is in perfect condition, the smaller has obviously been used but still looks great. Since I started my collection with the medium (olive green) one, all I need now is the largest bowl to complete the set!

This Pyrex divided casserole dish was a surprise find (since I had already grabbed the two bowls mentioned above I thought the chances of finding anything else would be slim!). It is in good shape but I can tell it has been used...there was a bit of food still stuck on it! Gross, I know, but nothing that can't be washed away.

These three juice glasses...there should have been four. I had my arms full of the Pyrex mentioned above, but still managed to get my paws on these lovely juice glasses. I made it safely to the checkout where the cashier accidentally tipped one over and *SMASH*! So sad, but I still took these three home.

So I should be cutting down on the thrift shopping this year, after all there is a wedding to save for, but I considered this trip a freebie! I received a thrifters dream Christmas present of gift certificates to Value Village and while I was there I donated a massive bag of clothes. The way I see it, I made room at home by shifting things I no longer need/want and I am giving a loving home to dishes that may otherwise be neglected!

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