Wednesday, 23 January 2013

To-do list versus WANT to-do list

There is currently a to-do list happening around the house...unfortunately there is also a want to-do list (in my head) and they are battling each other...a battle no one will win.

On the real to-do list I have: cleaning the basement, painting the entry hallway/stairwell/second floor hallway, refinishing more furniture that is piled in the basement and the big on the master bedroom! The master bedroom is at the top of the list, I am due to really get going on it this week (like right now!). Two of the three bedrooms in the house have been finished (okay, almost finished, the major stuff is done, there is just furnishing and decorating left and those things will wait because it is expensive trying to fill empty rooms with furniture!). The master bedroom, like the other two bedrooms, doesn't need much work, just a thorough cleaning, sanding and painting (I have typed those words too many times in the past few months!). I am a little afraid of the window frame/windowsill, it looks to have been painted badly (about a hundred times) and on top of that it has taken a beating! It will require a great deal of sanding and filling and who knows what else!? I am also nervous to go near the ceiling. It is not in bad shape and I haven't even spotted any cracks, but it could use a fresh coat of paint and I know what can happen to a dodgy old ceiling when you try to give it a coat of paint! Another possible challenge is the current ceiling fan/light fixture. The fan/light that is there now must come down - it does not work, its just a big dusty eyesore...but it seems when it was installed someone used some sort of plaster filler on the ceiling around the base of the fixture, as if to seal some cracks or gaps? It is all over the ceiling and the fan...the fan is basically "sealed" to the ceiling...I can already see it now, the plaster and pieces of the ceiling breaking apart as I take the fan down! Maybe that is why I have been putting this whole thing off!? Oh well, I cannot put it off forever, and I know I need to expect the unexpected...but can you really do that?

Sneaking in some knitting here and there!

Now as far as that WANT to-do list...that is the list of things I truly want to do (they make me happy!) but that are so NOT a priority that I can't justify spending much time doing these things right now. I want to get back to knitting...I have been sneaking it in as much as possible (I couldn't sleep Saturday night so I got up and got to knitting for an hour or so) I can also knit here and there when I am couch potato-ing-it. I also want to get back to more creative arts, maybe take an art class or two, as well as re-open my Etsy shop. I had a shop for a while, but closed it (temporarily?!) due to some happenings in my personal life. Then life got busier and busier. I never went back to open the shop - I couldn't even find the time to work on creating new things to put in that shop if I tried! I am hoping that will change soon...but that damn to-do list keeps getting in the way!

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