Monday, 4 February 2013

Working on the bedroom...things were almost done...

Since there is so much disruption in a small house when you are re-doing an entire room, you have to work fast! Not so fast that it looks like you rushed things, but you definitely can't mess around taking your time, doing little bits here and there. Just get in, get the job done and get out! So for the past 10-ish days I have been spending every waking minute working on the master bedroom - I want it done! To work in the master bedroom (since it is so small) all furniture has been moved out and split-up between the other two tiny bedrooms...the second floor of the house is an obstacle course! The hallway is full of tools, tins of paint and materials and the other two bedrooms (which already had a fun mix of random stuff that had no home) are absolutely packed!

As of this past Friday the walls, ceiling and trim were painted. Saturday marked a trip to Ikea to get a new bed frame and some bedding in preparation of the new mattress being delivered Monday (I am waiting here, between 10-2!). Yesterday (Sunday) we had to get a new light/fan fixture, which will go up shortly. Since the major stuff is all done, the mess is finally starting to get cleaned up, and for the first time today I walked down the hallway without having to climb over the shop-vac! Overall I am happy things have moved so quickly, I am in pain because of it though! There are still many little things left to do before the room will be considered finished FINISHED! But those things can and will have to wait.

...and just before I could finish this post, the mattress arrived! Happy day right?! Wrong. Very wrong. By the time I opened the door to the delivery guys (who smelled of the nastiest most stale-ass cigarette smoke you could this a pre-requisite for being a delivery person or something?) well, they had already opened the screen door and were coming in! No time to say hi or TAKE YOUR FUCKING SHOES OFF!!!! We only got like 3 inches of snow overnight (on top of about 2 other inches from the weekend). I didn't for a second imagine a delivery person would think to keep their shoes on and walk into someones house with that much snow outside. So on top of the clean-up I have left in the newly painted master bedroom, I am left to mop up the footprints and drag marks from the muddy mattress cover that were left down the second floor hallway and up the stairs....but that's not all! Floor muck is one thing, but that muddy mattress cover?! Streaks of muddy water splashed up the walls and door frame - of course, the newly painted walls and door frame. Happy fucking days for me! And the cherry on top?! The bedroom door was pushed open so wide when they shoved the mattress in, that they punched a hole in the wall with the door knob. Yes! I now get to spend my day cleaning and filling a hole in the wall! I knew things went to well with the painting and what-not in that bedroom...too well! And in case you are wondering, I did not discover the hole in the wall until after the stinky lumps left - they bolted so fast they didn't even collect the remaining balance for the mattress! I heard them arguing about it outside! They came back, got the money and left and then I spotted the disaster! I called the mattress store, who directed me to call the boss-man at the head office store location...and just when you thought things couldn't get worse?! I try to explain as calmly as I can what has happened, what did I get in return? I am interrupted and given a lecture about how it is my fault...entirely my fault! The snow, mud, hole in the wall were all my own doing. Talk about rubbing salt in a wound! It was my fault for not telling the delivery people to take their shoes off - fair enough, but when they had already stepped in before saying hello?! And it was my fault the hole in the wall happened because I was not standing there watching them as it happened (seriously, in a home this small you don't have a fucking audience for a mattress delivery!) and again my fault because there was not a door stopper. Well there you have it! When you shop at Sleep-Ezzz Mattress shop in Cambridge (or Kitchener) just remember, the customer is not always right, in fact if shit happens to your home or mattress during delivery, it's your fault! And now we know why HomeStars was created!

*I apologize for the language, but there is some serious rage in me right now! It will take some time and some chocolate to calm me down.

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