Friday, 16 November 2012

What's been happening this past week...

So what's been happening this past week? Here is a bit of the goings on around here:

The week started off looking bright! The little man finally perched his bum on the big red stool! A gathering of starlings took place on the front lawn, a blue jay was chillin' on the front veranda and there was even some sort of tiny woodpecker hopping around the trees out front! The best view came from the stool and Buster realized that - he was in fatty/squatty hunter mode, there was some serious tail twitching and even a bit of clicking! Unfortunately this was short lived - as soon as the birds took off, so did little dude, since then he has refused to go near the stool again...when will he understand the stool was put there for him?!

I went grocery shopping and bought a load of vegetables, including an acorn squash. I used it to make this veggie curry. It may not look like much (taking nice photos of food is hard!), but it tasted pretty good! Overall I am trying to cook more food from scratch and eat healthier, so I have cut out the junk food and am upping the amount of veggies I am eating - it's really not that difficult and I already feel better for it!

 Still working away on the ceiling of the future studio space. So far things are holding together, but I don't want to speak too soon. The ceiling still needs at least one, if not two more coats of good ceiling paint (using a roller of course). The paint/roller combo was what set off the ceiling before, so I am nervous. If all goes well, the room should be done in less than a week, complete with blinds and a new light fixture (you can see the remnants of the nasty old ceiling fan are still clinging on!).

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