Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fingers crossed for that ceiling!

All week I have been working away on that dodgy ceiling in the soon to be art room/studio. Last week I scraped off as much loose, flaking paint as I could, sanded like a mad man, then began the repair process. As per suggestions I found online, I used a vinyl based drywall filler, rather than the water based I had been using (water based anything seems to make the ceiling angry!). There was a huge area to patch, so it took me a couple of days of patching, letting things dry thoroughly, then sanding. Next came the oil based primer (again, no water!). So far I had not used any oil based paints in this house and forgot just how horrible they smell! Luckily there were a couple of milder days so I could leave the windows open. Yesterday I took a chance and began painting the patches with a brush and the good ceiling paint. I wanted to get a coat or two on there before the roller hits it. Tomorrow I am making the move to use the roller for a final coat. I am keeping my fingers crossed that things go well, at this point I don't think I can handle anymore peeling ceiling in that room! Once the ceiling is done, there are just a few bits of trim to touch up, then up goes my new light fixture and the room will pretty well be done.

Check back for the after photos soon...if all goes well!

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