Monday, 12 November 2012

A few more thrift shop treasures

Here are a few more of my thrift shop finds from the recent past. I have so many odd ornaments and bits and pieces, but no place to display them. At my last apartment I had a huge shelf with more than enough space to display or tuck away these things. That shelf has now been replaced with an amazing teak sideboard/cabinet that unfortunately doesn't have the same capacity. I do however, have a few pieces of furniture I am refinishing/painting, I need to hurry up and get them done so I can get these pieces out there!

 Found each of these flower pots on two separate visits to my favorite thrift shop in Elmira. They are both Churchill, made in England and both were less than a dollar! Unfortunately these pots are plant-less, my thumb is not so green and Buster has this thing where he HAS to taste any plants I have (repeatedly)!

This was just an interesting Value Village find. It is part of a set (the Beefeater Steak and Grill Set), but this was the only piece they had in the store. It's English Ironstone Pottery.

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