Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What did I buy?!

Another trip to a thrift shop (it helps take my mind off the ongoing saga of the ceiling in the future studio room) and another strange find. I grabbed a goblet-like glass (hey, it was cheap and pretty!) and a little dish I am sure to find the perfect use for. But I also grabbed something else...what is it?  You tell me! There are no names or labels to be found on this thing, there isn't even a "made in" sticker or stamp! From my inter-netting, the closest thing I can find to this monster is a food warmer or a bun warmer (gotta keep those buns warm!). I haven't been able to find this exact one and it has 9 pieces to it! About 5 more pieces than all of the others out there on eBay and Etsy (more pieces means its worth more, right?!).

So why did I buy it? Because it was green...and pretty...and in pretty darn good condition for whatever it is! It also matches a green fondue pot I have (just the pot, no stand or accessories). If anyone out there has any clue about this thing, please let me know!

*I have tried to assemble it, but since I don't know exactly what it is, it's hard to put it together! Someone stop me from going back out to another thrift shop until I have this thing figured out!

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