Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thrift shop Christmas!

As this is the first Christmas in our own home, we are basically starting from scratch when it comes to decorations. We just grabbed a Christmas tree last night (artificial) along with a wreath for the front door (only 10 12 more wreathes and we will be even with the neighbors - had to count twice and each day they add more!). Now we need decorations for the tree!

Since mid-October I have kept my eye out for decorations, mostly at thrift shops. I figured it may be too early for some people to start shopping, so I would see what I could scoop up. I had a great find that I didn't think I could beat, 35 glass ball ornaments (only one broken in the lot). They are assorted colours and sizes, a few bell shaped ones in there, and quite a few pink ones (not a colour I normally look for at Christmas!). The whole lot cost about $8, surely I couldn't beat that?!

Well this past weekend I hit my favorite thrift shop, hoping to find something good. I didn't initially go in looking for ornaments but the front half of the store was nothing but CHRISTMAS, so I had a look. It was Jeremiah who spotted the ornaments (glass balls - I don't really like the plastic ones, although with a cat plastic would be a safer bet!) and began grabbing them up! When his hands were full he directed me to more ornaments and TOLD me to "get them all"! I did as he said and grabbed up all the boxes and bags of ornaments and piled them into his arms, all the while oblivious to an on-looker who had a pleading look in her eyes that said "dear god don't take them all". I didn't notice her, otherwise I probably would have felt bad and split the ornaments with her, she was only about 2 minutes behind us entering the store, but the man - he was ruthless! He saw the pained look on her face but was not going to give up! Once he has his mind set on something (especially Christmas-related) he doesn't give up! He is a good one to take to flea markets and thrift stores...our tastes are pretty similar, but he doesn't always share the same appreciation for beautiful (albeit useless) things like I do! Oh, that last haul yielded 71 ornaments (mostly gold) for $10! Nothing broken (so far!).

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