Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What's new?!

So I haven't posted much lately. I suppose this is because I have not been feeling so well - I have had a lingering cold that knocked me out flat for about a week, along with a back that has been in knots. Along with being sick, things have been fairly quiet and boring. I'm still not up and running around much, and the weather is still so very blah...makes for not much to talk about.

Lucky for me, I am starting to feel better (for the most part) because I have a trip fast approaching. Jeremiah and myself will be setting off to Ireland to visit his family and to get a bit of wedding planning taken care of. Since it is early in the travel season flight options were limited, so we will be heading to England (and spending some quality time sitting on airport benches!) before getting a flight to Dublin. From Dublin we will be heading to Cork by car. There will definitely be a lot of travelling crammed into one week! I am looking forward to the trip, but as usual I get a bit anxious in the weeks leading up to a flight. I'm not a big fan of flying, but what I dread most is the airport - getting to the airport on time, the lineups, security and the fear I am forgetting something. Usually in the weeks approaching a flight I have dreams nightmares that I arrive at the airport only to realize I have lost my passport or have someone else's passport, and (my favorite) the nightmare where I am being rushed out the door to make it to my flight on time, but I am not packed and must run to the airport in my pajamas. Anyone else ever have this happen?!

Anyway, despite the nightmares, I am fairly well prepared for the trip...well...kind of prepared...okay, maybe not. Like I mentioned, this trip is to visit family and plan our wedding. I am prepared for the visiting family part but not for the wedding planning part. As I may have mentioned in the past, wedding planning is not for me. I have taken care of probably the biggest task, which was finding a venue for the wedding. The church is booked and the reception venue is 99% arranged (during this trip we will visit the venue, meet the owners and if all goes well we will book). But that is where things stop. Even for our tiniest of weddings, there is still a lot more to do and I don't know where to begin. We need to decide on the menu, look at entertainment, flowers, cakes, decorations and invitations, a dress (help me!), not to mention the actual paperwork that needs to be arranged for us to get married in Ireland. Maybe it is not as complicated as it sounds, but when I read the information sent to me from the parish where we are getting married, my eyes glaze over and I usually find myself drifting away from the church website over to YouTube to watch videos of cats...before I know it hours have passed, I have watched videos of goats that sound like humans, been to the weirdest (and by weirdest I of course mean best!) websites out there, played 10 games of Tetris, have diagnosed myself with 15 different diseases from WebMD and have forgot all about planning a wedding.

My hope is that by the end of this upcoming trip a few more major wedding details will be arranged, and by getting the ball rolling (and seeing the venue in person) I will get the kick in the butt I need to finish making the arrangements. Now, off to pack and clean the never want to come back from a trip to a dirty house!

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