Friday, 5 April 2013

What's going on Spring?!

Why is Spring not arriving already?! We have had a few mild and sunny days and just when it looks like we are headed into full blown SPRING mother nature blasts us with more cold! I am getting anxious now, I want to get into the garden and get going on things, but the weather says no. Although we haven't had any proper ground-sticking snow for a few weeks, there are still patches of snow lingering in the yard (in shaded areas) and the ground is a lumpy wet mess. Between the weather being too cold and windy and the ground that threatens to swallow me whole, I am powerless when it comes to getting moving on the garden!

I have started a number of plants from seed indoors and they are really taking off. Just a few days after planting the seeds (early March) I saw signs of life! Buster is really curious about the plants and is obviously waiting until they get a bit bigger before he attacks. They will need to move up to bigger pots soon, and if they keep growing at their current rate, they should be big and strong enough to be planted outdoors in a matter of weeks...if the weather cooperates! Below is a shot of the seedlings over a week ago, a variety of herbs, tomatoes and wildflowers.

This morning I tried to do a bit of cleaning in the garden - mostly picking up garbage that has blown into the yard over the winter and toys from the previous owners kids/dog that had been hidden under plant life last summer. Since I can't do much else garden-wise, I will stick to my garden planning/research and keep my fingers crossed that the weather will smarten up!

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