Thursday, 14 March 2013

Well that didn't last long!

How stupid I was to think I could keep a houseplant alive and well in my home...the home I share with the world's most destructive cat! Everything had been going so well, I haven't over/under watered the plants and they are getting as much sun as they can at this time of year. But that was short lived. I just popped into my tiny studio (home of the plants) to drop some papers on my desk. I was just going to brush my teeth and head back into the studio, so I left the door open (stupid move). Part way through brushing my teeth I realized the cat that had been hovering around, watching me brush my teeth was gone, but he had not gone far. He was in the studio. I stuck my head in the open door, his eyes met mine and he bolted - he knew he had done something bad and ran, and I didn't need to look at the plants to know what had happened.

In only 30 seconds Buster managed to maul three leaves. Sure, it may not be the end of the plant (I hope) but it goes to show that nothing is safe when that cat is around. And here I was hoping he may get over his plant chewing ways so I could have some plants around the house, rather than keep them locked away in one room! What a disappointment.

Something else I had considered way back was getting hanging plants, something that would be out of reach from Buster. But I just don't trust that he wouldn't still try to get at a plant that is suspended from the ceiling. I can picture him climbing up onto nearby furniture and jumping for a leaf...and knowing this cat, he would either get the plant and destroy it or destroy the furniture trying (or both). In the past, when my mum has cat-sat him, she placed any/all tempting plants up high or behind a closed door. Putting plants up high was not enough of a deterrent; he was caught red-pawed teetering on the edge of the dining room table, positioned and ready to launch himself to the top of the china cabinet where a plant had been moved for safe keeping! And more recently I have been finding evidence that Buster has been climbing up on the tops of the kitchen cabinets when no one is around (or when he thinks no one is around - I caught him Saturday night!). He jumps onto the stove (safe, right?!) then up to the fridge, then from the fridge to the cabinets. I have no idea how long he has been doing this. It seems he just has to get into everything, and everywhere he goes he leaves a trail of destruction, paw prints and fur. What am I to do?!

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