Thursday, 7 February 2013

Someone, please take my credit card away!

Or better yet, just stop driving me to thrift stores! I don't have my drivers license so I actually rely on the kindness of others to get me to and from my local (and not so local) thrift shops. I need to stop buying things. I said it. I don't want to say it, I don't want it to be true, but there is a voice in my head saying "stop it, stop buying all the things, you idiot!". So someone either needs to take my wallet, debit and credit cards away, or someone (and you know who you are) needs to stop driving me to Value Village!!!

On my latest trip out I was able to pick up a few pieces that go with a set of Corelle and Pyrex I am collecting...I just can't pass that stuff by, if it belongs in a set I am really just putting things right by reuniting these items! I didn't grab a photo of them...sorry.

Along with the Corelle, I picked up these blue beauties! The man was the first to unwrap and wash these dishes as soon as we got home. He then went about arranging them on the coffee table (which has yet to be refinished). Confession: the coffee table was wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper to make it less ugly and more festive for the holidays, but since then it has not been unwrapped! So to get a better picture, they are on the white shag carpet*. I think they would be best on my dresser...full of jewelry...that means shopping for jewelry...I shouldn't be shopping for jewelry!

I also grabbed these three bowls. I don't really like buying in threes, I always figure there should have been a fourth and it is lost or broken...or cold and lonely out there...somewhere. But these bowls were so pretty. The colour (which doesn't show up all that well in the photo) matches my china cabinet perfectly, I like that they are a pale blue base rather than just cream or white.

*Ah, the white shag carpet! The carpet the cat feared and avoided at all costs for the first couple of months it was in our home. The cat has started to tip-toe (paw) across the carpet, rather than jumping from one piece of furniture to another to get across the room! He is becoming more comfortable around the rugs, I even occasionally catch him loafing on the carpet under the coffee table. But this past week he became so comfortable and at ease with the carpet that he decided to christen the rug with a hair ball and a pile of cat barf. Yesssssssssa!

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