Friday, 8 February 2013

Snow, snow and more snow! Part two

The snow won't stop!!! More shoveling has been done and there is probably still more to go. At least I know I get to come back in to a cozy house. Okay, so the house? Not as cozy as I would like it to be, it is after all over 100 years old, not well insulated and the heating system is in need of an upgrade. But there is no shortage of blankets, socks and slippers around here!

On cold, snowy days like this, Buster splits his time between sleeping on one of the many cozy, blanket-covered chairs/couch and sitting in front of the heating vents! This cat is not stupid, he caught on fast that there are these "holes" in the wall that blow warm air! He is staring at me in this photo because the heat just clicked I had something to do with it!

Being the cheeky cat that he is, Buster also likes to sit at the windows and watch people (mainly me) shoveling the snow. I think he gets some joy from watching others suffer...he is a cat after all!

On my most recent trip out shoveling I saw an adorable black squirrel doing what can only be described as the breaststroke through the snow on our front lawn! There is even too much snow for the squirrels! The poor guy made it up one tree before jumping to the next. I grabbed a photo of him, then ran into the house to see what we had on hand to feed him (as you do). Unfortunately by the time I got back outside with a bun (warmed in the microwave, of course) he had disappeared. Oh well, there is bun by the front porch if he (or anyone else) needs it!

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