Monday, 11 February 2013

Bits of the weekend

There was still a bit of snow that needed to be cleared. 

After all the shoveling on Friday, I had to pose next to my handy work!

Okay, so this picture is a weird one. There is a rabbit (we named Robert) who lives around our yard. We figured out his home is under the neighbors deck on the other side of our fence, but he comes out into our yard night after night (some evenings we spot him, but he is pretty elusive). Anyway, we are pretty careful not to pile snow over the entrance to his burrow, but with Friday's snowfall the area filled in. We did lend a helping hand by digging the area out, but Robert was bound to have some heavy digging of his own to do. Saturday morning I found he had spent the night digging, he even chewed on the fence boards in an attempt to get out (I cannot imagine the panic he must have felt). Luckily he is now free, there were tracks all over the driveway as evidence!

We crashed my mum's house Saturday afternoon (and stayed for dinner - yeah!!!). My mum's dog Millie loves Jeremiah like crazy...but it kind of looks like she is trying to smother him. Every so often she shows her love by "pancaking" herself to your chest and face and breathing can be a challenge!

I will never get tired of eating this! Boursin cheese on toasted french bread. It was a challenge to leave room for dinner.

To repay my mum for Saturday night's dinner, I made dinner Sunday. An invention of sorts, influenced by one of my favorites, Sheppard's Pie! It was a success, but didn't photograph well.

Buster claimed the seat at the head of the table (as usual).

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