Monday, 5 November 2012

New furniture and a crabby cat

For the new house we definitely needed some new furniture. Before moving we found a couch we liked at a shop in Toronto, ordered it and arranged for delivery just a week or so after we got into the house. It was a bit of an epic ordeal and I am NOT on speaking terms with the furniture shop we got the couch from (to spare myself any more headaches I will not go into detail, but buying a couch should NOT be that difficult!). After the couch fiasco I moved on to work on other things in the home, I just couldn't stand to think about shopping for any major pieces of furniture, but we knew we needed more than just one couch and an old arm chair!
It took some searching, but we finally decided on two chairs and a footstool from Ikea. The chairs themselves were huge and really comfy but the slip cover selection was lacking. Instead of just settling on a cover I didn't really like, I started looking into other possibilities, such as buying a plain white cotton cover and dying it - I very quickly decided it would be a waste of time, money and the process and outcome could be extremely risky. I remembered spotting a company that made different legs for Ikea couches and chairs (gorgeous but WAY out of my league price-wise) and thought perhaps there is somewhere out there that also makes replacement it turns out there is a furniture god! I found a company called Bemz, they specialize in making covers for Ikea furniture in a huge range of fabrics - they even make covers for items Ikea has discontinued! I immediately sent for some fabric samples and as soon as they arrived I had made my decision and ordered two chair covers and the matching footstool cover for the items I had my eye on at Ikea. I also ordered a new cover for a chair I had bought some 5+ years ago from Ikea, the chair I picked up at a great price because it was discontinued but it came with a cover I was not so in love with. As the covers take approximately 4 weeks to ship, we waited until the covers arrived to buy the chairs and I am glad we did! This past Saturday my friend/superhero Holly took us to Ikea in her dad's truck so we could get the chairs and footstool while they had them in stock AND while there was a super sale on! Buy any one fabric sofa or arm chair and get the second 50% off! As soon as we got the furniture home, we put everything together - what a difference it has made to the place! The front room, which looked so sad and empty before is now cozy and livable and the TV room now has more comfortable seating.

Buster next to the new chair...he is suspicious!

Overall I am pleased...but the cat...that is another story! As it turns out, Buster aka Little Man, does not like change! There was a footstool positioned at the front window for him so he could watch the world go by. It took him a while until he accepted that footstool and actually perched his bum on it. Yesterday I went and relocated the old footstool to a window with a less interesting view, but put the brand new HUGE cushy footstool in the front window for him. So far Buster refuses to touch the new footstool. I have found him sitting on his old footstool with a miserable pout on his face. I have faith he will come around eventually, but never imagined a cat would be so set in his ways!

Buster sitting on his good ol' gold vinyl stool, not ready to accept his cushy red throne!

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