Friday, 2 November 2012

It's about time!

It's about time! I have been wanting to put a little something together to document some of the major changes that have happened to me this past year - better late than never! But where do I begin?!

I'll take a step back to early 2012, February. It was then that after three years of being in a relationship, I got engaged! So, yes, there is a wedding to plan, but I don't expect to go into too much detail about the planning of the big day here (as it turns out I am NOT the wedding planning type!). When I should have started looking into the wedding business, both myself and the man (Jeremiah) started looking at houses instead. We were both sick of living in the city, he is a country boy, and I had just had my fill of what the city had to offer (high cost of living, crowded public transit, pushy people, pollution...and the list goes on!). After a fair amount of looking at house listings but never actually making the move to even view a home, we just went for it - contacted an agent about a nice looking house, rented a car and off we went to see a few properties. The first house we saw was the one! A 100 year old red brick house, number 442! Everything that happened in the weeks following is a bit of a blur. Being a first time home buyer is not for the faint of heart! Fast forward to July 9th 2012 and that house was all ours! I was finishing a contract at work, and I was stuck with my apartment in Toronto for an extra month, so I did not officially move in until August 1st (Jeremiah, had not moved in yet either, he was staying locally - at my mums - to cut down on the commute to his new job). The first week of August marked when the real fun began!

We knew that we were getting into an older home and there was work to be done, but thankfully nothing too major - but we were still in for some surprises! Since August, my focus has been working on the house, cleaning, doing minor repairs, cleaning, painting, cleaning, decorating and furnishing... and more cleaning (I try not to dwell on how filthy the place was when we moved in, but its hard!). In fact I  had been so focused that I didn't stop to really document what we were accomplishing. There are a handful of "before" photos and so far not too many "afters", but I am working on that. The goal is to have the majority of the inside of the house done by the end of this year and with the help we have received from family and friends, I think we can do it! The garden will be waiting until next year and in the future there are definitely some more major jobs that will take place.

I suppose that sums it up for now! As more work gets done and changes take place I will do my best to post what I can - since this is our first house (and my first blog) I expect the unexpected and will share my adventures with you!


  1. Congratz Jer and Carole on the engagement and the new house! Can't wait to see more pics. Love Jade and Dave

    1. Thanks! My progress on the house has slowed, have some serious neck and back pain from all the painting etc, so it's given me some time to catch up on taking photos!