Thursday, 26 February 2015

Photographing Betty

Today I am browsing some photos of Betty since she is away at the vets being spayed. She is staying overnight at the vets so this makes for some quiet time for me and Buster. I don't think Buster trusts that she is really gone - he has already done two sweeps of the house looking for her, he can't believe the house is finally dog-free!

Getting photos of Betty has not been easy and sadly I missed getting loads of photos while she was a tiny pup. I have been trying to get more photos whenever I can, but it sure is a challenge! Below are a handful of the recent snaps I was able to get of her in the few seconds she stopped tearing around the place like a little tornado!

Taking a peek at the snow outside

No idea why her ears are standing up like this

Lounging by the heat vent

Warming her bum

Sitting still for a split second...

...before jumping at my face!

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