Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Garden: Week of May 18th

Below are a few photos of the garden taken over this past holiday weekend (Victoria Day in Canada - the official start to the summer woo-hoo!!!). There isn't much growing in the vegetable garden yet - some radishes are doing really well, but they are about the only thing the pesky squirrels have not dug up. I am an animal lover, but right about now I have had it with the neighborhood squirrels! They are constantly digging through the raised veg beds - not eating anything, just digging compulsively (for gold?!). They have destroyed my strawberries in hanging baskets, dug up my zucchinis and have even tipped over my pots of marigolds (yet to be planted). However, I am pleased to see some flowers coming to life in the garden...and with flowers comes bees, of the honey and bumble (my favorite) variety!

I am hopeful that these radishes will survive the gang of neighborhood squirrels that seemed determined to destroy my garden!

Pink crab apple blossoms.

Sunday May 18th, a hint of the flower to come...

...only two days later and look what we have!

A bumble bee visiting the crab apple just as it starts to rain.

And of course, a shot of a bumble bum!

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