Friday, 25 April 2014

Too many projects!

I can never have just one project on the go because that would be too easy! Most of the time when I take on one teeny tiny project, it spirals into a much bigger one, and often times that little project triggers many many more. For example, the guest bedroom closet-turned-office.

So far I have accomplished quite a bit of said project, there are still some built in shelves that need to get into the closet/office, but they can wait. I truly can't finish the room entirely until I get rid of the big dresser taking up way too much space, but how can I get rid of the dresser when it is FULL of clothes? Believe me, I have been through the clothes again and again and again to see what can stay and what can go (donate), but I still have a packed dresser and no where to relocate all the things inside. So here comes the chest-o-drawers project. I bought a tiny chest of drawers sometime last year at a thrift shop, with the goal of refinishing them and putting them in the master bedroom as extra storage (there is almost no space left in the master bedroom, but these drawers are small enough that I can get away with them jammed in a corner!). Well after spending all that time stuck in the basement gathering dust, now is the time to get those drawers done!

So much sanding. There was a super thick, dark glossy brown paint on the drawers when I started. I never imagined it would take so much work to sand that paint off!

This past week has been spent sanding, cleaning and priming...and I am still not done! I am going to keep at it and not give up, because a major part of getting the guest room done is relying on getting those drawers done...the existing dresser must go and my cedar chest must go to its new home in the corner of the room...where my computer is currently living. Why isn't the computer living on the new desk you ask? Because the cable internet connection is in the corner on the opposite side of the room and NO, I can't go wireless because as I found out, my OLD laptop's wireless connection doesn't seem to be working anymore. So throw another project onto the pile: buy a new laptop (it's about time anyway, the computer I am currently using is chugging along ready to kick the bucket any day now!). What else needs to get done? Oh, right, curtains and a curtain rod. To get those done I need to move the bed frame but where do you move a bed frame in a jam packed room?! It seems like it will never end...but when it does (which it has to one day, right?!) I will post photos.

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