Monday, 14 April 2014

A few updates

I have been keeping myself mighty busy over the past couple of weeks, which explains my lack of posts. Here are a couple of updates of the goings-on around here:

My last post was about my fitness situation (or lack thereof) and starting some exercise classes. The first spin class was great, maybe too great - I pushed myself too hard and basically couldn't walk for 4 days! Since I was immobile when Thursday's first Zumba class rolled around, I opted out of that class and will be picking up another Zumba class in May. I was disappointed to have to make that switch, but what's the use in paying for classes if you can't go?! The second spin class was better than the first, but I took it easy so as not to bust my leg muscles again. Tonight will be class three, I will push myself a bit harder tonight, but I will still have to keep things in check so I don't over do it...this is what happens when you are as inactive as I was all winter long! As far as weight loss, I sadly haven't budged yet, but I feel better for going to the spin classes and have been going for walks almost every evening - that is something, right?!

If you recall, I have a project (or two or three!) on the go: the closet/office makeover. Things have been going quite well so far, and in regards to painting I am done! What was involved with painting that awful cedar? Some wood filler and sanding in patches, primer, primer, primer, primer and more primer followed by paint, paint and more paint...with a bit more paint for good measure! I have a light fixture up but need to get some new electrical outlets in the closet. I needed to carpet the floor of the closet because what was there was just unfinished hardwood with plywood sheeting nailed over top (and covered in paint...not my paint though!). I was faced with the same thing in the master bedroom closet and got away with buying a carpet square from Home Depot and cutting it down to size. Unfortunately this closet is about a foot wider and the carpet I had was a foot too short. Wanting to keep my expenses to a minimum I was going to take the same approach, with cutting down a store bought carpet but everything at all of my local hardware stores was either a foot too short or many many feet longer than I needed (what a waste it would be). So I used the leftovers from the master bedroom closet, leaving a naked patch of 6 or so inches on each side of the closet. Not ideal but some shelves and storage baskets will hide the bare don't tell! The computer desk is in place along with some pictures on the wall. What is left is to make some storage shelves to tuck away on either side of the closet. The goal is to have the shelves and office space done within a week. After the closet is complete I can finish the rest of the spare room - there isn't much to do, just finishing touches, curtains, hanging photos, that kind of thing. Sneak preview of closet below:

Check back in for the finished project, like I said, the entire room should be done by the end of April. I am really pushing to get everything done because in a house as small as this, one project hinges on another getting done. I am sick of having so many half finished projects and it's time to get a move on! Plus there are already guests lined up to stay in the guest room...not until September mind you, but there is no sense in leaving this work until the last minute, plus working in the summer heat in an un-airconditioned house is brutal!

And one last quick update for plants! Those seeds I planted that sprouted into baby plants are doing fairly well. I did lose several seedlings; some went moldy, others seemed to wither and die and some got too leggy and weak and flopped. I still have a good amount of healthy plants, but they just didn't seem to be doing as well as I would like - most likely because there has not been enough light. So this weekend I went to my local hardware and farm supply store and bought a grow light kit. I had hoped I could get away without one, but why go to all the effort of starting seeds to let them die due to lack of light?! I got a decent set up at a good price and now the plants are basking in fake sun! I hope that after a few more weeks (more like a month) of grow light and the plants will be bigger and stronger and I can prepare them for heading out into the big bad world! And while the plant babies thrive indoors, I need to get a move on outdoors, building and preparing my raised beds.

***Bonus photo time! Buster cat snuck in to the plant sanctuary while I was taking photos, and since I was there to supervise, I let him check things out...

This is a cat being not-so-sneaky licking his lips while approaching the plants! With his track record of plant destruction, I knew what he had in mind. 

Buster got up close to a tomato growing in an old soy milk carton...I am positive he is thinking "why won't she turn away for a second so I can have a taste...just a leeeettle bite?!" and of course "why the hell doesn't this girl drink real milk?" Seriously, the biggest disappointment in this cat's life was when I switched to soy milk, he lived for breakfast time, sneaking milk from my cereal.

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