Friday, 21 March 2014

Getting a new hat

The house is getting a new hat - well, what I call a new hat, most people just call it a roof. This past November there was a stretch of bad weather with some seriously high winds. I noticed shingles in the backyard and had just hoped it was from another house in the area, but alas, they were shingles from our roof and with them gone there was a lovely little opening for water to creep in. A leak started, but so did the winter from hell, and the weather was so extreme for so long we couldn't get anything done to the roof. On the positive side, it was so cold there were no leaks (everything was too damn frozen).

Anyway, knowing that spring should arrive at some point, and with spring comes rain, I got down to looking for roofers and settled on a local company. Just about two weeks ago I called to arrange a day for the roof to be done and was told that once the shingles were ordered and arrived, they would call a day or two before the crew was ready to come out. I would have liked to had a more specific day booked, but it is what it is and I figure things must be a bit flexible because of the biggie, but obviously the sooner the better.

This is what a cat terrified of roofers looks like. Poor guy, good excuse for me to cuddle with him for the day.

This morning I was all snug in bed, when I heard a noise. I thought I was maybe dreaming, you know that weird half-awake/half-asleep time when you don't know if you are still hearing stuff from your dreams or if stuff you are hearing for real is creeping into your dreams? Anyone know what I'm talking about? No? Never mind, I'm a lunatic. So where was I? Oh, right, the noises. I got up and stood in the bedroom kinda zombie-like and then heard ladders rattling...then I heard voices from my front porch and one of those voices said "is there anyone home? Has anyone talked to the homeowner?" Crap crap crap, I'm the homeowner. What is happening?! Crap - the roof!!! I wouldn't normally react like that, but you see, no one called ahead to let me know that the roof was going to be done today. Had I known I would have got the cat to my mum's house so he wouldn't be having the panic attack that he is having right now, and I would have been up, showered and ready. Oh well, nothing I can do now but kill time today while a bunch of men run around on the roof with nail guns like a bunch of angry (and heavy) squirrels.

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