Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New/old bedroom dressers

I have mentioned in the past that this house is a bit small. I love the size of the house, and I wouldn't want anything bigger for our first home - it would mean far more to clean, heat, paint - you name it! The size really isn't a problem for the most part, but finding furniture to fit in the bedrooms has been challenging.

The smallest of the bedrooms is my studio, so no big deal there - I have never had a separate room to work on my art in, so any room, no matter how small, is a dream come true. The second bedroom is not a bad size, but the location of the door/closet/window make positioning a bed and other furniture a bit awkward. Lastly we have the master bedroom. It is small! When we moved here I brought a huge dresser with me that I had in my apartment and it just barely fit in the room with a bed. Now that there is a new bed and bed frame in the master bedroom, there is no way my big old monster dresser will fit (plus it just looks out of place). I have been on the hunt for a new chest of drawers (or something that could take the place of a dresser?!) that would fit in the room and still be functional.

Sorry for the bad photo - the camera lens got nosed by the cat just before I snapped this!

A few months back I found this little brown dresser at a Value Village. It is really tiny, but it would fit in the room no problem. It needs to be stripped of its many layers of paint, then given a new, fresh coat. I had hoped to work on it a couple of weeks ago, but it needs a heavy duty paint stripper that is too smelly (and dangerous) to use indoors and it has been too damn cold outside to get the job done - it will have to wait for the spring. Luckily, even when that little dresser gets in the bedroom, there will still be room for another dresser, something tall and narrow. I had my eye on this dresser from Ikea. It would fit perfectly and provide more storage. Since there has been a lot of furniture-buying over the past few months, we were putting off another expensive trip to Ikea just for a while... and I'm glad we did because just this past weekend we hit the local Value Village and found another suitable dresser for the bedroom and at $12.99 it was no question we could make it work! It just needs a good cleaning, a light sand, paint and some minor repairs to the drawer bottoms (which are being supported by duct tape - something I didn't notice until after I got it home) then it will be good to go.

So back to the dungeon basement I go to get to work on our latest furniture find. And yes, my to-do list of furniture that needs refinishing is not getting any smaller, we just keep adding to it!

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