Saturday, 12 January 2013

Happy Weekend!

The forecast for this weekend is RIDICULOUS! It is smack in the middle of January and it is 13 degrees today and is due to be around 8-10 tomorrow! I can't remember when we had weather in January like this! It is deceiving to those (am not naming names *Jeremiah*) who have not been in Canada for too long and who have not experienced a true Canadian winter. It may just be for a short while, and there is PLENTY more time to get loads more snow, but for now enjoy the weather this weekend!

Despite the beautiful weather, there are lots of chores to do in the house. The last of the Christmas decorations have been put away (they were hanging around a bit too long), lots of cleaning and laundry too. I am also putting the finishing touches on the china cabinet I have been working on forever. It should be done by the end of this weekend and ready to fill with bits and pieces a few days from now. I cannot wait for it to be done. As much as I like the look of some painted furniture, and as good as the idea of giving a new look and life to old furniture is, I can get sick of doing it myself! I get pretty bored while painting and being human, it's not easy to get things to look perfect (or as perfect as I hope) so there is a lot of time spent touching up and re-sanding (oh, and the more you do that the more likely you are to mess something up and be set back...again!). So while a coat of paint dries, I am taking a break to knit.

The beginnings of a super soft scarf and my whiter-than-white feet in my "after Christmas" slippers...slippers purchased for me after Christmas when the sales got real good...and after I complained to everyone that I was the only one who didn't get slippers for Christmas!

I am trying to get back into knitting and sewing and some of the other artsy things I used to do. Baby steps for now, since there are so many other things to be done around the house...but I sneak in what I can!

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