Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ridiculous cute things at Christmas!

I am not really much of a shopper. I can handle not going to the malls (especially at Christmas!), I don't usually browse (or shop) online too much, and when it comes to spending money, something really has to grab me to make me buy it! But recently I have been keeping an eye out for Christmas decorations and other bits and pieces for the home, since I am trying to make the house extra homey, cosy and Christmassy this year (since half of this place is still a bit of a war zone!). That is when I came across these two gems:

Crochet robin,  tiny robin christmas decoration
This decoration would be great on my mini Christmas tree. I used to keep a tiny bit of Christmas in my apartment through December, even though I always went home for the holidays. For so long it was hard finding any decent ornaments to put on a small tree - now I would have trouble choosing from all the goodies out there! 
CHRISTMAS MOUSE - unique - needle felted ornament animal, felting dreams made to order
This little guy is too much for me to handle - with the pink tinted nose and the sweet smile...oh god, and the sweater?! I love mice and little handmade things (especially when they are so full of tiny details!). The cuteness levels are off the charts on this one. I want!!!

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