Monday, 24 December 2012

Just in time for Christmas!

Just in time for Christmas, the dining room is finally complete! We were really pushing it, I mean we were working until about 11:30 last night (December 23rd)! From the time the ceiling was started/finished by the plaster dude a few weeks ago until just last night, we were hard at work sanding, cleaning, preparing to paint and then painting the crap out of the room! There was also the task of finding some new furniture (dining table and a few chairs to be specific), getting a few pictures up and some blinds to block out the neighbours driveway (and the creepy neighbour dog that peers at us through their makeshift curtains*). Everything is pretty well ready today, which is a good thing, since there are family and friends we have not seen much of for weeks coming over tonight!

Home inspection day, just a week or so after the initial viewing, the place was still staged for a sale.

Just a couple of pictures of the work in progress, when there is this much work to do you don't stop to take photos!

Found a table at Ikea which was a great size. It is nothing like what we were originally looking for but works well in the room. Grabbed a few new chairs and are using the unbroken chairs left from the last dining table.

A few area rugs makes a huge difference. The house can be pretty cool, so it really warms the place up and cuts down on the echo! Hopefully there will be curtains and a few more bits and pieces on the walls.

This cabinet nearly killed me. I cannot stand painting cabinetry  I suppose its pretty impossible to get things as perfect as I would like, so I get hung up on the little details. The hardware is the same, but everything is painted to match the trim in the room and I topped the cabinet with some gorgeous floral fabric and a piece of plexi glass - a huge improvement if I may say so myself!

Since the dining room is done, it has allowed for a few other outstanding things to be taken care of in the TV room and front sitting room. The cream coloured shag carpets we ordered (and received months ago) have now gone down and what a difference it makes! We held back on getting them out since the place was pretty dusty while work was happening. Now the entire place has had a clean and is looking much more homey! Funny thing is, the cat loves the area rug in the dining room - seriously LOVES it, but he is terrified of the shag rugs! He won't set a paw on them and even climbs across furniture to avoid touching them! Bonus: the Christmas decorations are finally up!

*I don't judge makeshift curtains, we still have some dirty old "blinds" left from the previous owners hanging in select windows and even have a bed sheet in one bedroom happens!

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