Thursday, 27 December 2012

It snooooooooowed!

Yesterday was Boxing Day or as I like to call it, pajama day! I am not a shopper so it's not a big deal to me. If anything I try to stay home on boxing day and be as lazy as humanly possible. But I did pop out for a short while with my mum to grab a few things I needed (like a snow shovel...the forecast called for snow and we were shovel-less) and there were some great deals to be found. My mum was the champion, finding 4 pairs of socks for $1.58 and a Christmas book for 53 cents! We followed up those deals with an epic Boxing Day dinner (Christmas leftovers!) at my mum's house. By the time we went to leave we nearly had to dig the car out of her snowed (finally)! 

It kept snowing all night and this morning there was more digging to be done...but I have not done any of that digging because I feel like crap. Best time of the year to get sick is Christmas (no it's not). So today I am staying warm and cozy inside, trying to fight off this cold. The man (who I believe gave me the cold in the first place) went outside and did a bit of digging followed by a walk in the snow. He grabbed these photos, it is a cold but beautiful day out there!

This tree is huge and amazing, just down the street at the park that borders on the river.

Don't know how those geese do it! Must be freezing their bums off!

In the warmer months this stream is full of tiny fish heading out into the larger part of the river.

Although I rarely see people on the riverside trails, there is plenty of evidence that lots of people have already been out for a snowy stroll today!

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