Sunday, 30 December 2012

Finished the mini-blanket...for the cat

I got back to knitting the other night and was surprised at how close I was to finishing the mini-blanket I had been knitting for the cat. I can't remember why I put away the knitting before finishing the piece (it was probably to work on the dining room) but it only took about 30 minutes to finish it! It is just a simple little garter stitch blanket for Buster - mostly for him to perch his bum on to keep his fur off the furniture. It fits nicely on his gold foot stool and I figured it would make the stool more cozy and comfortable.

Okay, seriously?! Who am I kidding? I made a blanket specifically for a cat - and not just any cat, but Buster cat (the most picky cat on earth)! I am officially insane. I doubt he will ever go near the thing (by choice). This cat is set in his ways like no other and cannot handle anything new like carpet or blankets and he certainly does not take well to furniture being moved! A new blanket just for him? It doesn't stand a chance! If I want that cat to stay away from something in particular, he will no doubt fall in love with the "forbidden" item, but pick something out especially for him and it's a safe bet it will stay cat-fur free for a long time!

I am forcing Buster to be one with the blanket. He was too tired to fight it!

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