Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas goodies!

Late yesterday I popped my head outside to check the mail, and wedged in between the screen door and front door I found a package! A package that came all the way from Ireland! I was pretty excited, but knew someone else who was going to be even more excited, so I sat tight and waited for Jeremiah (lovingly referred to as the Irish One) to come home. He ripped into it and we were so happy to find chocolates and a Christmas apron/oven glove set from Jeremiah's family!

Oh yes!
How did they know I needed new oven gloves? I am proudly going to wear this Christmas Day!
Organized, which means the Irish one will easily be able to track what he eats...I don't expect to get much!

So a big thank you to Jeremiah's family over in Ireland, we both look forward to getting into the chocolates!*

*I tried to eat one tiny choco last night and someone nearly bit my head off! He is possessive like no other when it comes to chocolate!

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