Monday, 3 December 2012

Ceilings are the pits

This is officially the last time I ever talk about ceilings - for real - never ever again! As I write, the plaster dude is finishing his job on the dining room ceiling, no big deal (he was super late getting here and getting started but if he just gets the job done and it looks good, then I'll leave it at that). As for the room from hell with the ceiling of doom, it has reared its ugly head AGAIN! Things had been going well (too well, I should have known). The evil patches had been cleaned, filled, sanded, primed - the works! The entire ceiling was given two coats of prime, since I was told the issue may be putting ceiling paint on a dodgy surface. The ceiling was fine after rolling on the primer...the ceiling was happy, I was happy! Over the weekend I went out and spent way too much on some Benjamin Moore ceiling paint, because I was told it would be way better than the Behr stuff I had been using. This morning I got to painting that ceiling and it was great! The paint smells like my grade 10 biology classroom, but I could get over that since it was doing a fabulous job! I left the room to do some other bits and pieces for about an hour, when I went back into the room I spotted several areas where the ceiling was splitting again. The majority are in the same region as they happened before, I can't tell if they are the same spots or just areas next to past troubled zones. I will give it a shot asking the plaster guy again, but since I can't handle anymore of this I am going to call it a day and ignore the hell out of this situation and get on with my life. I won't give the ceiling any more satisfaction!

The End

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