Thursday, 29 November 2012

Real mail!

Remember what is was like to get real mail? Mail of the paper variety (none of that electronic garbage!). I'm talking about something that is hand written, addressed to you, that comes delivered to your mail box and is NOT a bill?!

Well over the past week and a half I have been lucky enough to be the recipient of mail - real mail of the postcard variety! My best friend, who is a firm believer in REAL mail, is out on the west coast (Tofino, Vancouver Island to be specific) for work. In between doing workie things in the most ridiculously gorgeous setting on earth, she has sent me postcard after postcard! Even though we can easily talk on the phone, text or email, there is something so much more fun about receiving a little card with baby caribou on one side and a note about a marine supply store (and the hunky employees!) on the other! Let's get back to sending real mail people!!!

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